An AI sticker generator is currently being tested by WhatsApp.

For those moments when you require a cartoon hot dog to express an exceptionally precise emotion.

In a race to integrate artificial intelligence into their offerings, companies are rapidly adopting AI technology, ranging from Snapchat and Google Chrome to even WhatsApp. The messaging app under Meta’s ownership is allegedly experimenting with AI-generated stickers for Android users. This novel feature permits users to describe an image, which is then promptly generated based on the description. It appears that machine learning is leaving no domain untouched.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is conducting a limited beta test of AI stickers through its Google Play Beta Program. Handpicked users will encounter a fresh “Create” button upon opening the sticker tab’s keyboard. After tapping it, users can input a prompt for WhatsApp’s AI, subsequently selecting from various stickers produced according to the description.

In an effort to ensure quality, users can also report any stickers that may not align with their preferences, giving them the means to alert Meta about objectionable content resulting from this new feature. Although the current trial of WhatsApp’s AI-generated stickers is confined to a small audience, reports suggest that this innovation will gradually expand to include more users over the next few weeks. As for iOS users, there is currently no indication of when this feature might extend to their platform. In the meantime, iPhone users will continue to rely on conventional emojis and Cuppy stickers to articulate their sentiments.

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