Android is going to have a supercharged version of Apple’s well-known Continuity feature

Google is working on a new feature for Android devices that will make it simpler for them to connect with each other when using the same Google account. This is somewhat similar to Apple’s Continuity feature.

With Apple’s Continuity, if you receive a phone call on your iPhone, you can also answer it on your Mac or iPad as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Likewise, with Google’s new feature, when you have multiple Android devices linked to the same Google account, you’ll be able to do two main things: switch ongoing phone calls between these devices and share the internet connection between them.

Switching calls is straightforward. You can start a call on one device and then easily move it to another device if needed. Internet sharing means that your main device can let your other devices access its internet connection, just like how a personal Wi-Fi hotspot works.

What’s interesting is that this call-switching feature won’t be limited to the same types of devices. Unlike Apple’s approach, where you can only receive iPhone calls on an iPad or Mac, Google’s feature will enable you to transfer calls even between different Android phones.

To link your Android device to your Google account, you can go to Settings, then select Google, and finally choose Devices & Sharing. However, it’s important to note that this information comes from a tech expert named Mishaal Rahman, and Google hasn’t officially announced these methods yet.

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