Apple is preparing to distribute settlement payments to iPhone users in the near future.

Numerous iPhone users are set to receive payment.

A few years back, Apple entered an agreement to compensate owners of certain older iPhones. The time for recipients to claim their settlement is drawing near.

According to the Mercury News, settlement payments for the class-action lawsuit against Apple regarding the “Batterygate” controversy are expected to commence soon. The last hurdle, posed by two iPhone owners contesting the settlement, was overcome when their appeal was dismissed by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week. This development signals Apple’s obligation to fulfill the payment.

It’s anticipated that claimants (who had until October 2020 to join the list, so if you’re just catching wind of this now, manage your expectations) could receive up to $65 as compensation. To refresh your memory, the controversy stemmed from allegations that Apple deliberately throttled the performance of older iPhones. While this was ostensibly aimed at preventing sudden shutdowns when the batteries retained some charge, consumers interpreted it as a strategy to encourage them to upgrade to newer iPhones.

Apple, for its part, has not explicitly confessed to any misconduct, but it agreed to disburse an amount ranging from $310 million to $500 million regardless. If you managed to enlist yourself before the three-year deadline, a payment could be on its way to you.

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