Contrary to expectations, the Pixel Watch 2 might not receive UWB support.

Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch was previously rumored to incorporate an ultra wideband chip; however, this feature seems to be absent from the recent FCC filing.

The anticipation for the Pixel Watch 2’s release is steadily building. With a surge in rumors and leaks in recent weeks, the unveiling seems imminent, further affirmed by the arrival of FCC filings over the weekend. These filings, typically preceding an official launch, sometimes unveil new details about an upcoming product. Regrettably, the filing indicates that the much-discussed ultra wideband (UWB) might not be integrated into the next-generation Pixel Watch.

As observed by 9to5Google, the filings make reference to three models: G4TSL, GC3G8, and GD2WG. The first corresponds to the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth variant, while the latter two pertain to cellular models. Despite prior speculations, there is no mention of UWB in the filings. Given that UWB functions as a wireless communication technology, its presence would necessitate inclusion in these documents. For comparison, a recent FCC filing for the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 explicitly listed UWB capabilities.

This absence is a tad disappointing, considering the potential UWB holds within the realm of wearables. Familiar in item trackers like AirTags and Samsung Galaxy SmartTags, UWB facilitates precise locating. It also has the potential to power functions such as car unlocking, although this application has yet to gain widespread traction. Despite this setback, it’s not an insurmountable hurdle. While UWB capability already exists in devices like the Pixel Pro phones, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold, Google recently delayed expanding its Find My Device network due to personal safety concerns.

The filings also hint at a metal mesh strap and a metal slim strap. Initially promised during the Pixel Watch launch, the metal mesh strap has been available since June, but the Milanese version remains absent. The mention of a metal slim strap is novel, leaving its nature—whether a sleeker iteration of the aforementioned straps or something distinct—unclear.

Despite the omission of UWB, the rumors swirling around the second-gen Pixel Watch paint an intriguing picture. Speculation suggests that the watch will integrate the cEDA sensor from Fitbit Sense 2 for stress tracking. Additionally, Google has announced an impending redesign for the Fitbit app. The device is also anticipated to run Wear OS 4 and transition from Samsung’s Exynos W920 chip to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon W5 Plus platform. Collectively, these rumors indicate Google’s commitment to enhancing health tracking and battery life, addressing two key concerns from the initial Pixel Watch release. While the exact outcome remains to be seen, the forthcoming launch appears poised to make this fall’s smartwatch landscape notably captivating.

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