Cyberattack Danger for Pakistan’s Independence Day Celebrations

There’s a warning that troublemakers might carry out a cyberattack on Pakistan’s Independence Day, which is on August 14, 2023. They might try to disrupt services and mess up things to make Pakistan look bad worldwide. The National Telecommunication and Information Security Board (NTISB) told everyone about this.

NTISB said that during important days like Independence Day, bad people or groups often target the websites of the government and defense departments. They do this to cause problems and mess up the sites so that Pakistan doesn’t look good globally.

NTISB sent advice to website bosses and Service Providers. They want them to do extra things to protect their websites. These include making their servers stronger and keeping an eye on the website’s activity. This should stop any attempts to mess up the sites.

The Ministry of Information Technology is going to train government workers about advanced online safety. So far this year, NTISB has told people about 47 different cyber issues and given advice about how to stay safe online. They told website owners to:

  • Keep their systems and servers updated
  • Only let certain computers access their website admin panel
  • Defend their websites from certain types of attacks
  • Test their websites to find any problems
  • Use a safe way for computers to talk to their website
  • Put sensitive information in a secret code that others can’t read
  • Make sure only a few people can use important parts of their website
  • Make their computers and servers really safe
  • Keep their tools up-to-date to protect against bad stuff
  • Make sure people use strong passwords
  • Don’t let computers be controlled from far away
  • Use special tools to protect against attacks on their website
  • Be careful when writing the code for their website
  • Keep their systems and devices up-to-date
  • Keep a record of what happens on their systems for a few months, just in case someone tries to do something bad.

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