Daraz Takes the Lead in Retail Media Shift with Daraz Marketing Solutions Rebranding

Daraz, the top online shopping platform in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar, has introduced its new service called Daraz Marketing Solutions (DMS). This service provides tools to help businesses engage with customers at different points during their shopping experience.

The DMS platform offers various solutions that can be adjusted to suit specific business goals, from making customers aware of products to getting them interested, making purchases, and becoming loyal customers.

With DMS, businesses can access data about shoppers, making it possible to show targeted ads on the Daraz website. The platform is user-friendly, offers a choice of reputable influencers, allows for real-time interaction within the app, and uses advanced technology to create ads that match individual preferences.

Because there are millions of shoppers across South Asia who use Daraz, businesses can use this platform to reach a large audience and get their ads seen by billions of people on the Daraz app.

DMS is a unique and adaptable marketing toolkit, the first of its kind, which lets businesses directly connect with a huge number of active shoppers. Small and medium-sized businesses can use this toolkit to attract more visitors to their online stores. Bigger brands can use it to guide customers through the whole buying process, from seeing a product to making a purchase, using different parts of the consumer journey.

The rise of digital advertising on e-commerce websites and apps has changed how companies interact with their customers. This type of advertising has become very important and is changing the world of marketing.

The global market for retail media is becoming very valuable, expected to be worth more than $125 billion by the end of 2023. It will become even more valuable than TV advertising by 2028. Even though online shopping is growing and digital ads are important, only a few online stores offer tools to help businesses advertise, and this idea is still quite new. That’s why Daraz Marketing Solutions wants to help South Asian businesses get into this growing field.

Inside Daraz Marketing Solutions, there are four main types of advertising to help businesses reach different goals:

  1. Branding Solutions: This lets businesses show their brands and products on Daraz’s main pages.
  2. Performance Solutions: These ads help products get noticed by putting them in high-traffic areas on the website. Businesses can also bring people from social media to Daraz and see what they buy.
  3. Content Solutions: Brands can work with popular social media influencers to show their products, and also demonstrate products live on Daraz.
  4. Engagement Solutions: This helps businesses plan messages to keep customers interested and loyal to the brand.

Ammar Hassan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Daraz Pakistan, says that in a time when people are busy and don’t pay attention for long, ads need to go where people are most interested. Advertisers who use Daraz have seen many people clicking on their ads, which has helped them get more visitors to their stores and improved their marketing efforts.

Many businesses, from big multinational companies like Reckitt, Unilever, Nestle, and P&G, to over 10,000 smaller businesses on Daraz, are already using Daraz Marketing Solutions. These businesses have reported that their ads are being seen by millions of people and many of them are clicking on the ads. Some businesses have even seen seven times more visitors to their online stores, more than five times higher sales, and ten times more money coming in from the ads they’ve put out.

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