Horizon Worlds begins its rollout on mobile and desktop platforms

Meta’s expansive VR universe has become notably less dependent on VR headset.

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s much-discussed metaverse app from last year, which drew its share of criticism? Well, here’s the news: You no longer require a VR headset to explore it.

Meta has officially announced the rollout of its Horizon Worlds metaverse ecosystem to mobile devices and desktop web browsers. This launch begins with an early access phase, starting with a multiplayer shooter named Super Rumble. Access to this phase is currently limited to individuals permitted by Meta, but you can request access via the Meta website or experience it through the Meta Quest Android app, with iOS support scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

Super Rumble is just the starting point, however. Meta’s blog post promises more relaxed social experiences in the future, including virtual comedy shows and concerts.

Horizon Worlds has faced its fair share of challenges over the past year. It gained notoriety not for its features, but rather for its visual style, which drew criticism on social media. This placed Mark Zuckerberg in a defensive position before many had a chance to try it out. Expanding its accessibility beyond VR headsets is a strategic move, even though it may somewhat diminish the value of the headsets with the impending release of the Meta Quest 3 this fall.

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