In the upcoming week, Xiaomi will be launching the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, K60 Ultra, and Pad 6

Xiaomi is gearing up to unveil its third-generation folding phone, the Mix Fold 3, on Monday, August 14. The big reveal will be made by Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, during his yearly event starting at 4 PM PKT.

Xiaomi’s goal is to introduce a top-notch flagship phone that covers all aspects, as Lei Jun has mentioned.

The teaser image for the device claims it’s going to “set a new standard for a foldable display.”Lei Jun also discussed the complex process of making the Mix Fold 3 in a separate Weibo post, where Xiaomi’s engineers had to carefully rethink how the device is structured and how its folding screen works.

For more insight, Xiaomi shared a video showing the updated design of the Mix Fold 3.

The video reveals most of Mix Fold 3’s design. It seems like it’ll keep the slim shape of the previous model, but now there will be more Leica-branded camera sensors on the back (a total of four).

The phone seems to come in a gold color, and you can also spot a periscope camera among the four lenses on the back. There’s talk of a new hinge mechanism as well.

Unfortunately, the Mix Fold 3 will likely only be available in China, so it won’t be competing with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 on the international market.

Lastly, the launch event for the Mix Fold 3 will also introduce the Redmi K60 Ultra and the Xiaomi Pad 6 series. Rumor has it that the K60 Ultra might be called the Xiaomi 13T Pro outside of China.

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