Instagram has added a feature that lets you make Reels, Posts, and Carousels together with your friends

Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are always trying to outdo each other with new features. Now, Instagram is making it simpler to create posts with friends.


Instagram, owned by Meta, is introducing Collabs. This lets up to four people work together on making Reels, Posts, or Carousels. You can invite three friends to join you in creating these types of content.

Even if your account is private and needs friend requests to see your profile, you can still invite friends to collaborate if you’re already connected on the app. Once the Reel, Post, or Carousel is uploaded, it’s shown to the followers of each person who contributed, and it appears on their profiles too.

Adding Music to Carousels:

You can also add music to your Carousels now. Instagram’s music library will become available in more countries in the coming weeks. Also, Instagram and Spotify are working together on a “Reels Music Chart” in Mexico and Brazil. This will let Spotify users listen to the top 50 songs from Instagram Reels.

New ‘Add Yours’ Button:

Instead of just sharing content for people to see, you can now make interactive Reels using an “Add Yours” sticker. This cool feature allows your followers to take part in challenges and prompts set by influencers. Influencers can even highlight these. If your Reel is chosen, others on Instagram can see it, as long as your account is public.

If you don’t have these features yet, you’ll probably get them on your device soon.

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