iOS: Apple restores ‘end call’ button to its original position

In the most recent iOS beta, the ‘end call’ button has returned to its central position.

This is the end (call button).

Surprisingly swift, the saga unfolds. Following a contentious shift that saw the ‘end call’ button relocated to the right side of the screen in an iOS 17 beta—inciting frustration among habitual users accustomed to its central placement—Apple seems to have reversed course.

In the most recent public iteration of the iOS 17 beta, the ‘end call’ button has reclaimed its middle ground. However, a notable tweak is evident: it now resides nestled among its fellow buttons, a departure from its standalone positioning lower on the interface in iOS 16. Observe the distinction below.

On the left: Fresh arrangement of the ‘end call’ button. On the right: The (briefly existing) former layout.

While appearing as a minor adjustment, the significance becomes apparent when considering the countless millions of users who depend on ingrained muscle memory to tap the end call button in their daily routines. Apple’s decision to reinstate the button to its central position is arguably a prudent choice.

This alteration is exclusively accessible to users who have chosen to install the public iOS beta releases. The ultimate edition of iOS 17 is anticipated to debut in September, aligning with the unveiling of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 15.

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