LinkedIn is Testing a Paid Feature for E-learning

The social media giant, LinkedIn is in process of testing a paid ticketed feature that allows the users to charge the hosting training, webinars, and any virtual hosting program. As per the research by the LinkedIn team, around 21 million people have attended virtual events in 2020.

Paid Online Testing – A New Moneymaker for LinkedIn

As per the research by LinkedIn, around twenty-one million people have attended virtual events on LinkedIn. This might be because of the global pandemic and the global lockdown in 2020, which increased the audience to adapt virtual online events. Keeping the look, the social media giant is testing to charge the users and the hosts for the virtual events. This could be beneficial for the social media network, for the hosts, and for the users as well. The LinkedIn officials said that they are still in process of working to come up with an exact idea of charging how much and to whom.

As per the LinkedIn officials, they are in process of working on the charges and the amounts to be paid by whom, either the users or the hosts. They also said that they are always in process of getting feedback from the customers and designing new ways to improve and expand the experience. They also said that LinkedIn is in the process to work out the charges on events by getting feedback from the event organizers and in a discussion with the regular virtual event organizers on the matter.

LinkedIn, which has started to offer virtual & online events for the customers and users in 2018, has made improvements and refined the system during the pandemic. It introduced live video-streaming and allowed the host to advertise the events etc. these are the improvements much needed to be done by LinkedIn especially in the pandemic tenure where users were getting increased adopting online versions for learning and attending events. Much more is still in process and will come up with the recent news of development by the social media giant, LinkedIn.

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