NITB has created a fresh web edition of E-Office

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) has created a new online version of E-office.In this updated version, NITB has added new and improved features.

These include the ability to add a digital signature to documents and notes, the option to input information using your voice, support for the Urdu language in notes and content, and a special dashboard for senior management.

Some other features are a chat function for users, a way to see groups of notes based on job titles with different colors, a better search tool, a QR code that is specific to each organization, and a way to track the activity of applications. Additionally, there’s a detailed reporting feature.

Right now, the desktop versions of E-office are being used in all federal departments. Since 2007, this E-office service has been available to different government parts like ministries, divisions, and departments.

The main goal of the E-office application is to make electronic governance possible. This means making government work online, which should help things run more smoothly and effectively.

It’s also meant to make government actions more open and accountable and to improve how public services are given to people.

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