Onic: The Identity of Pakistan’s New Mystery Brand is Finally Out in the Open

After a lot of excitement on social media about the new ‘Onic’ telecom brand, the owners of Ufone, Pak Telecom Company Limited (PTML), have now explained that Onic is their fresh digital brand aimed at a specific group of tech-savvy people in the country.

They plan to launch this special brand on Pakistan’s Independence Day, the 14th of August.

Before this, there was a lot of talk online when rumors about this new digital telecom brand came out before it was officially introduced.

According to PTML, “We want to clear up the information that’s been going around on social media. Onic is a digital brand owned by Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML).”

This brand is meant for a new set of tech-savvy users who want better access, convenience, and control over their digital and communication needs.

Onic is all about giving a better digital experience and fits with the idea of Digital Pakistan.

Onic is being talked about as more than just a regular brand. However, we still need to see how this completely digital brand will change Pakistan’s digital and telecom market in the coming times.

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