Owners of AirPods Max have been experiencing issues with condensation, and Apple has remained tight-lipped about the matter.

Apple’s premium over-ear headphones appear to be grappling with a moisture-related issue.

As reported by 404 Media, various online tech communities, including Reddit, have documented instances of what they’ve dubbed “condensation death” occurring in the $550 AirPods Max. These headphones are said to experience temporary malfunctions or, in severe cases, complete operational failure due to the accumulation of moisture after extended usage.

This isn’t a new problem by any means; in fact, as far back as January 2021, just a few months after the AirPods Max initially hit the market, reports of this issue began to surface. What adds an intriguing twist to the story is the presence of an ongoing class-action lawsuit within the California court system. Notably, Apple has not publicly acknowledged this problem, although the company’s legal representatives have informed the court that condensation-related problems are not uncommon for over-ear headphones. They argue that this problem is merely more conspicuous with the AirPods Max due to the removable ear cups featured in the product.

While Apple seeks to reach a settlement with the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, its lawyers have also contended that the AirPods Max were never marketed as water-resistant. They suggest that a significant portion of online grievances stem from users employing the headphones inappropriately, such as during extended outdoor activities like walks.

The eventual outcome of this lawsuit remains uncertain. Apple has previously agreed to settlements in class-action suits related to hardware defects, but no guarantees exist regarding the outcome in this particular case. The situation is noteworthy primarily because an Apple product commanding a premium price has apparently grappled with a well-documented issue for nearly three years, yet the company has not addressed it in the public eye.

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