Poco’s super inexpensive earbuds are filled with many features

Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Poco, has come out with new wireless earphones in India called Poco Pods True Wireless Stereo (TWS). These earphones are not expensive and have small speakers in each part that go in your ears. They can also handle a bit of water without getting damaged.

The Poco Pods use Bluetooth to connect and can easily work with devices using Google Fast Pair. They don’t take long to start playing sound after you press play. These earphones also have a special feature that makes your voice clearer during calls, especially when there’s a lot of noise around you. But they can only work with a certain type of sound format.

You can control these earphones by tapping on them. If you tap two times, you can answer a call or stop and start music. If you tap three times, you can say no to a call, hang up a call, or make the next song play.

We don’t know exactly how long the batteries in these earphones and their case can last, but Poco says they can play music for about 30 hours without stopping if you charge them fully. Even if you only charge them for 10 minutes, they can still play for about 90 minutes.

You might have heard about similar earphones before because Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Buds 4 Active in India last month. Those earphones have almost the same things and cost $17. But the Poco Pods are a little cheaper – they cost $15.

You can buy these earphones in one color – Midnight Groove.

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