Revealing Tomorrow: HONOR Embarks on an Art-Tech Fusion Journey at IFA 2023

For the third consecutive year, HONOR’s annual Talents Global Design Awards are championing inclusivity.

At this year’s IFA event in Berlin, smartphone innovator HONOR made a significant impact. Fresh from the successful launch of their latest foldable devices, HONOR is on a mission to redefine the boundaries of technology while nurturing artistry and advocating for sustainability. Their live-streamed presentation during IFA was a standout moment, featuring a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Anne-Marie Tomchack, a former Vogue editor; Bram van Diepen, Design Director at Burberry Menswear; Giles Deacon, Couture Designer at Giles Deacon Group; and Lola Ogunaike, Time Brand Editor. The brand also hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion on the “Fusion of Tech and Art,” with additional speakers like Jasmin Gong, Klaus Siebenhaar, HONOR’s CMO Guo Rui, and artists Xiao Hui Wang and Yunuene.

One notable addition to their portfolio is the newly launched HONOR V Purse, a device that not only transforms how we use smartphones but also reimagines them as they evolve from mere accessories that fit in your purse to something far more significant.

HONOR’s aspirations in the realm of artistry

In a captivating fusion of technology and artistry, HONOR has embarked on a collaborative journey with select artists, including the exceptionally talented Xiao Hui Wang and Yunuene, within the framework of their annual HONOR Talents Global Design Awards. This partnership not only signifies a pursuit of innovation but also underscores HONOR’s commitment to nurturing emerging artistic talent, further reinforcing its dedication to social and cultural responsibility. The HONOR Talents Global Design Awards embody HONOR’s pledge to empower young creators, creating an inclusive space where technology, artistry, innovation, and self-expression converge. Over the past three years, this program has garnered submissions from over 165 universities worldwide.

The canvas for this year’s creative alliance is none other than the Always On Display (AOD), a pivotal feature of modern smartphones. However, it will take center stage on the HONOR V Purse. These visionary artists are poised to transform this digital canvas into a dynamic platform for their creative expressions, with HONOR’s flagship devices proudly showcasing their artwork. This transforms every glance at your smartphone into a miniature art exhibition.

For instance, Xiao Hui Wang’s “Breath of Flowers AOD” artwork eloquently conveys the contrasting facets of traditional Chinese culture, exploring the interplay between yin and yang, blossoming and restraint, cacophony and tranquility, as well as openness and introspection.

Similarly, Yunuene’s contribution ingeniously transforms the uniformity of algae fields into an exploration of uneven textures and seamless transitions. Witness how their artistic creations seamlessly complement the design of the HONOR V Purse.

The intricate bond between art and technology has always been apparent. This synergy is exemplified by the mobile market’s fascination with themes, cases, and stickers, as customers view their mobile phones as a canvas for self-expression. HONOR wholeheartedly embraces this connection and takes it a step further. The Always On Display (AOD) serves as an ideal canvas for artists, including the talented Xiao Hui Wang and Yunuene, who also happen to be judges for the HONOR Talents Global Design Awards. Their artistic creations will grace the screens of HONOR’s foldable phones, but the HONOR V Purse deserves special attention as it prominently features the AOD, seamlessly blending fashion with functionality.

HONOR’s decision to collaborate with artists transcends the realm of mere creativity; it signifies a clear and resolute intent. It is yet another testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility. By investing in young artists and shining a spotlight on emerging talent, HONOR not only nurtures the growth of the artistic community but also provides them with a global platform to showcase their work.

Through initiatives like this artistic partnership, HONOR continues to leave a positive imprint on the world, one innovative endeavor at a time. So, the next time you cast your gaze upon the Always On Display of your HONOR smartphone, remember that it’s more than just a screen—it’s a product born of passion.

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