Saudi Arabia’s New Rule, One Charging Port for All Devices

Saudi Arabia has introduced a new rule that says all electronic devices must use the same kind of charging port. This rule starts on January 1, 2025.

The charging port they want everyone to use is called USB-C. This change is meant to make people happier with their devices, save money, and make less electronic waste. It will also help data transfer faster.

The government worked with organizations that set standards and rules for things to make this decision. In the beginning, the rule will apply to phones and other small devices like headphones, speakers, and more. Later, starting from April 1, 2026, it will apply to laptops and portable computers too.

Experts say this change will save people about $45 million and stop more than 2.2 million chargers from being used each year.

This idea is similar to what Europe did by making all devices sold there use USB-C. This is why the new iPhone 15 will use USB-C, even though iPhones used a different kind of charger for a long time.

But in Saudi Arabia, companies have until 2025 to change small devices like phones to USB-C. Laptops and portable computers have until 2026 to make this change.

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