Sony Experiences Significant Rise in Earnings Due to Strong PS5 Sales

Sony has released its report for the three months from April to June, which is the first part of their financial year. The total money they earned went up by 33%. This big increase happened because more people used their services for games and the internet, music, pictures, and money-related things.

Internet and Xperia Phone Part:

Even though they didn’t say how many game machines they sold, the part of the company that takes care of games and the internet got 27% bigger compared to last year. They also think that they will sell even more in the next few months. We don’t know exactly how many Xperia smartphones they sold between April and June, but the group that deals with entertainment and technology stuff said it went down by 12% when they compared it to the same time last year.

But when we look at the rest of the year, things might not be as good for some parts of Sony.

Movies and Pictures:

The part of Sony that makes movies is having some problems because the people who write and act in movies are not working because they want better pay. This has caused a lot of movies and TV shows to be delayed, and this will keep happening until the problem gets fixed in the United States. Also, the part of Sony that makes cameras and pictures is having some trouble too. This is partly because not many people are buying smartphones, and Sony makes important parts for these phones, like the camera sensors.

Game Part:

But the part that takes care of games is looking like it will make a lot of money. They changed their guess about how much money they will make in the whole year (which will finish on March 31, 2024) and made it 6.1% more than what they thought before. This is because they sold more games than they thought they would. This guess includes not only the games Sony makes, but also games made by other companies like Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Expansion.

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