Spotify’s AI-Powered ‘DJ’ Feature Now Available in More Countries

After starting in the US and Canada in February, Spotify’s new AI DJ feature is now being tried out in 50 more countries.

They just launched it in the UK and Ireland and they plan to introduce it to other places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand too.

This DJ thing on Spotify is only for people who pay for the fancy version. It works by using computer smarts to suggest songs, like other music apps. But the cool part is that it also has a computer-made DJ who talks about the songs.

The DJ guy, who is kind of like a character named Xavier Jernigan from Spotify, only talks in English. This might not be a problem for folks in Australia and New Zealand, but it could be tricky for people in Ghana, Singapore, and other parts of the world.

When they were asked about this, Spotify said they don’t have any news about adding more languages right now.

This new thing uses two types of computer magic: one from a company called OpenAI, which also powers something called ChatGPT, and another from Sonantic, which makes computer voices sound real.

Spotify bought Sonantic last year because they’re really good at making fake voices sound like real people. Besides the talking DJ, Spotify also tells you in writing why they picked a certain song.

Remember, this is still kind of like a test version, so they’ll probably make it better over time. Spotify is working hard to make it cooler and more fun for all of us.

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