The Apple Watch is undergoing a significant overhaul, yet there’s a catch.

Reportedly, Apple is contemplating the utilization of magnetic attachments for watch bands to reduce the dimensions of the Apple Watch chassis. Meanwhile, the speculated microLED display and a novel blood pressure sensor might make their debut as soon as 2024.

Anticipate notable transformations for the Apple Watch, but exercise patience until at least 2024.

As per the insights shared in Mark Gurman’s newsletter “Power On” on Bloomberg, Apple is diligently crafting a fresh model titled “Watch X,” slated for launch in either 2024 or 2025. This launch will commemorate the device’s decade of existence, originating in 2014.

Envisage the Watch X with a sleeker watch case and an innovative magnetic band poised to supersede the existing locking mechanism. This alteration will create additional room to accommodate elements such as an enlarged battery. Notably, the pipeline also includes a microLED display and the potential addition of blood pressure monitoring capabilities.

If you’re eager to embrace the Apple Watch experience without the wait until 2024, Gurman offers insights into the imminent Watch Series 9, anticipated to be unveiled in September. While maintaining the same dimensions as the current models, this iteration will introduce a “minor refresh,” encompassing swifter processors and a fresh array of colors.

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