The Echo Show 10 from Amazon ranks among our preferred smart home gadgets.

I’ve harbored a certain degree of skepticism towards Amazon Echo devices for quite some time. Many in my family were quick to embrace this technology – even my parents adorned their home with multiple Echos. While the idea of a seamlessly interconnected smart home intrigued me, I remained uncertain about whether incorporating an Alexa device would genuinely enhance my experience. Despite my fondness for innovations like WiFi-enabled lights and a smart thermostat, I found solace in using my iPhone to manage all these devices. Yet, when presented with the opportunity to test the 3rd generation of the Amazon Echo Show 10, I finally had the chance to personally ascertain whether it was merely an embellished speaker or a more substantial and versatile offering.

Comprehensive Guide to the Echo Show 10: All the Essential Information

Right out of the package, setting up the Echo Show 10 proved to be swift and uncomplicated. After determining its designated spot on my kitchen counter, connecting it to my WiFi, granting access to my Amazon account, and performing a few updates, it was primed for operation within a matter of minutes.

Sporting a 10.1-inch HD display, the Echo Show 10 immediately impressed with a range of features. Notably, the speaker quality exceeded expectations, particularly in contrast to the Amazon Echo Show 15, which I also had the chance to test. The device’s motion tracking capability was a standout feature. Observing its adeptness in gauging its own movement boundaries to prevent collisions with counter obstacles was intriguing. Once this learning phase concluded, the screen’s ability to track and follow me around the kitchen was a feature I thoroughly enjoyed.

The aspects of the Echo Show 10 that captured my admiration

Engaging with the Echo Show 10 proved to be an astonishing journey. I began my days by interacting with Alexa, typically for updates on the weather, a dose of positive news, and immersing myself in one of my preferred Spotify playlists, which continued to serenade me throughout the day. The speaker’s quality surpassed expectations and was significantly more convenient than my usual Bluetooth speaker. I was pleasantly surprised by how adeptly it transitioned from the Show to my Apple Airpods when I ventured outside.

In contrast to the Show 15, the Show 10 unveiled a range of features that truly caught me off guard. Firstly, the camera’s quality was exceptional. The ability to “drop in” to check on my dogs or have a chat with my husband was a delight. Witnessing the motion tracking follow his movements around the kitchen, allowing him to carry on tasks while conversing, was highly convenient. Notably, the built-in speaker outshone its counterpart in the Show 15 (which was rather anticipated, given the Show 10’s substantial speaker base as opposed to the smaller built-in speaker of the Show 15). I appreciated the flexibility to adjust the screen’s position and tilt as required.

Although the device occupied valuable space in my relatively compact kitchen, I surprisingly found myself appreciating its presence. Strangely enough, I found myself relying less on my phone as the Echo served me for minor tasks such as setting timers, seeking answers to queries, or even just glancing at my calendar. This transition allowed me to disengage from my handheld device and cultivate a heightened sense of presence in my surroundings.

As for the aspects that didn’t quite resonate with me regarding the Echo Show 10:

To be frank, there isn’t a lot that gave me pause.

True, the base does come across as a bit hefty, and the camera’s offset led to a slightly skewed tracking experience. Yet, neither of these factors seemed like absolute deal-breakers to me. I did notice that the Show 10 wasn’t quite as swift in response as the Show 15, requiring me to repeat commands to ensure Alexa heard me.

Despite these minor considerations and the smaller screen dimensions, I discovered myself leaning towards the Show 10 over the Show 15. This preference persisted even when it meant streaming Netflix on a more compact screen while preparing dinner.

Does the Echo Show 10 justify its value?

From my perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the Echo Show 10. It served as an ideal entry point for individuals who are new to the Echo ecosystem. Numerous features, such as the remarkable speaker quality, impressive camera, and motion tracking abilities, contributed to a genuinely delightful experience. In comparison to the Echo Show 15, the Show 10 exuded a sense of refinement and meticulous design, rendering it exceptionally well-crafted. I’m content with dedicating some counter space to welcome it into my living space.

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