The Intel Core i9-14900KF leak brings both positive and negative developments for enthusiasts anticipating a high-performance flagship CPU

A perplexing benchmark leak reveals Intel’s upcoming flagship desktop CPU from the next generation.

A leaked benchmark has revealed the upcoming Intel Core i9-14900KF flagship CPU, showcasing noteworthy single-core performance while displaying slightly less impressive multi-threaded capabilities.

As noted by VideoCardz, PassMark results have surfaced for the 14900KF (virtually identical to the 14900K, with the primary distinction being the absence of integrated graphics, though this does not impact the results we are discussing).

In the PassMark benchmark, the Core i9-14900KF achieved an impressive single-threaded score of 4,939, surpassing the 13900K’s 4,666 score – bearing in mind the usual caveats associated with leaked benchmarks.

The 14900KF exhibits an almost 6% speed boost compared to its predecessor, thanks to its higher default max boost speed of 6GHz, as opposed to the current Raptor Lake flagship’s 5.8GHz.

When it comes to multi-threaded performance, the PassMark results position the 14900KF virtually neck and neck with the 13900K, with a minuscule half-percent difference that isn’t of significant consequence.

Analysis: It’s important to maintain perspective (even though it’s true, there are valid concerns to address)

It’s worth noting that these results present a somewhat peculiar perspective, as the single-core improvement aligns with expectations, but the absence of any multi-threaded enhancement raises questions.

However, it’s essential to remember that this is just one leaked benchmark, and we shouldn’t place excessive reliance on its findings. Moreover, other recent leaks concerning the Core i9-14900KF have indicated more substantial multi-threaded improvements (as seen in Geekbench), so it’s prudent to withhold judgment for now. We anticipate at least some increase in multi-core performance.

That said, the overall expectations for Raptor Lake Refresh aren’t particularly lofty, given the murmurings from the rumor mill suggesting it will be a modest advancement. An additional clue is Intel’s recent Innovation event, where they omitted any mention of Raptor Lake Refresh entirely, focusing solely on promoting Meteor Lake laptop chips and their AI capabilities. This absence from the desktop side of the next-gen CPU equation raises concerns.

Considering that Raptor Lake Refresh is supposedly set to debut next month (around mid-October), this lack of acknowledgment is telling. However, based on a portion of this leak, there remains hope for a respectable flagship CPU refresh. Furthermore, the forthcoming 14700K, expected to significantly increase the core count (adding four efficiency cores), might offer an impressive alternative to look forward to.

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