The mobile internet speed in the UAE will soon be three times faster thanks to new technology.

Du, a big company that provides phone services in the UAE, wants to make the internet on phones much faster – three times faster, actually. They have a smart plan to do this called multi-carrier aggregation.

Imagine if you could combine lanes on a road to make cars go faster. That’s kind of like what multi-carrier aggregation does for the internet.

Du will mix together three parts of the internet to make it much quicker. They are mainly focusing on making the internet at home faster. They started doing this in the UAE in 2021.

This faster internet will help things like super clear videos, smart computers, and really clear online games.

Du’s main tech person, Saleem Al Blooshi, said they always want to give people the best time on the internet. They try to guess what people will want and give it to them.

Remember, du was the first to give out really fast 4G and 5G internet for homes in the UAE. Now, they’re all set to give even better 5G for the things we talked about earlier.

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