The OnePlus 12 could have a major feature the OnePlus 11 lacks

This has the potential to be a genuinely high-end OnePlus smartphone.”

The OnePlus 11

While the OnePlus 11 is undeniably impressive in many aspects, it falls short in certain areas, lacking some crucial features that one would anticipate given its price and stature. However, it seems that the OnePlus 12 might not encounter the same issues, based on the latest specifications leak.

This information comes from Yogesh Brar, a reputable leaker, who shared on X (formerly Twitter) that the OnePlus 12 is expected to feature an improved IP rating. While the OnePlus 11 does have an IP rating, its IP64 certification indicates that its water resistance is notably lower than that of most premium smartphones.

Brar highlights the upgraded IP rating as one of the key enhancements in the OnePlus 12, suggesting that it will surpass its predecessor. For reference, many top-tier phones boast an IP68 rating, which, in addition to dust resistance, typically offers water resistance to depths of up to 1.5 meters for around 30 minutes. Therefore, it’s hopeful that the OnePlus 12 will come equipped with a similar rating.

Brar’s post also highlights other noteworthy enhancements, some of which have been previously mentioned but are worth emphasizing. These upgrades encompass a substantial 5,400mAh battery, surpassing the capacities found in the majority of smartphones. Additionally, there are improvements in the camera department, featuring two 50MP sensors and a 64MP sensor. The device boasts a premium build quality and is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, expected to be among the top chipsets for Android phones at least through the first half of 2024. Furthermore, it offers rapid 100W wired charging and 50W wireless charging.

Previously, Brar had asserted that an engineering prototype of the OnePlus 12 featured a 5,000mAh battery. However, this recent claim of a 5,400mAh battery aligns with another leak about the OnePlus 12’s battery, suggesting a high likelihood of accuracy.

This same leak includes details on most of the other specifications mentioned earlier, with the rumored camera upgrade standing out. In our OnePlus 11 review, we pointed out that the camera setup lacked versatility, making this upgrade particularly noteworthy.

An upscale smartphone with a corresponding price tag

Another intriguing detail worth noting is the mention of a premium build. While this description lacks specificity, it’s worth recalling that our review of the OnePlus 11 highlighted that its design didn’t quite match the refined and polished aesthetics of an iPhone or even a Samsung Galaxy. Consequently, the OnePlus 12 appears to be shaping up as the phone we had hoped the OnePlus 11 would be.

But there’s more to uncover. In responses to this post, Brar shared additional insights. For instance, he mentioned that the OnePlus 12’s screen is expected to boast a peak brightness exceeding 2,000 nits. This would position it among the brightest screens on any smartphone, potentially surpassing even the best iPhones. In our review of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we were certainly impressed by its 2,000-nit brightness.

Other details include the inclusion of reverse wireless charging, a feature absent in the OnePlus 11, and the retention of the current model’s 16MP selfie camera. The only downside in all of this is the anticipated price increase, which, unsurprisingly, accompanies these upgrades. While the exact amount of the price hike remains undisclosed, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus 11 starts at $699 / £729 / AU$1,199. Therefore, it’s likely that consumers will need to budget more for the OnePlus 12.

Nonetheless, if these leaks hold true, the OnePlus 12 could easily earn a spot among the best OnePlus phones and potentially rank as one of the finest smartphones overall. In light of the anticipated enhancements, a price increase seems reasonable. We’ll soon have the opportunity to gauge the true quality of the OnePlus 12, as leaks suggest it will debut in China in December, followed by a global launch in January.

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