Three recently introduced features in iOS 17 that may have escaped your notice this week

Allow us to bring you up to speed on iOS 17.

iOS 17, scheduled for an official release on September 18, has generated significant excitement among iPhone users – and it’s easy to understand why. It brings a new ‘Check In’ feature that automatically updates your concerned friends and family, eliminating the need for those ‘Text me when you get home’ reminders. Additionally, the ‘NameDrop’ function facilitates seamless contact information sharing, while the upcoming ‘Journal’ app is generating quite a buzz.

Nevertheless, in the last few days, iOS 17 has introduced several fresh and exciting features that may have gone unnoticed. If, like me, you’re enthusiastic about staying informed on how iOS 17 will enhance your experience, here are three more enticing iOS 17 additions announced this week.

1.iOS 17 has recently incorporated a variety of new ringtone options

“If you’ve grown tired of Apple’s existing selection of ringtones and text tones, you’ll be thrilled to discover that iOS 17 has introduced over 20 new audio clips for use as ringtones, alarms, text alerts, and more.

In contrast to the older library, these new additions offer longer and more contemporary-sounding ringtones. If you happen to prefer the previous ringtones, they are still accessible in the ‘Classic’ section.

2. The recently unveiled bokeh effect feature presented during the iPhone 15 event

During Apple’s “Wanderlust” event for the iPhone 15, a new photography feature was unveiled. This feature allows users to adjust the focus and depth of subjects in their photos, essentially adding a bokeh effect to individuals. Initially thought to be exclusive to the iPhone 15, it has been revealed that this feature will also be made available to previous-generation iPhones through the iOS 17 update.

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