WhatsApp Channels enable you to subscribe to updates from your favorite celebrities and brands

This feature is becoming available in more than 150 countries

WhatsApp has expanded its Channels feature, similar to Telegram, which displays updates from creators, organizations, and brands. Meta has announced that this feature will now be rolled out in more than 150 countries, with “thousands” of such organizations and public figures participating.

Channels, a distinct feature from regular chats on WhatsApp, can be followed by WhatsApp users. This expansion comes after the initial launch in June, which made Channels available in Colombia and Singapore.

The updates to this feature include allowing Channel administrators to edit their posts. Additionally, there is an improved directory where users can discover Channels, filter them by country, and view metrics such as activity level and follower count. People can also react to posts on Channels using emojis.

Notable personalities and entities already on Channels include musicians like Olivia Rodrigo and David Guetta, companies like Netflix, and football clubs.

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