WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing During Calls Feature:

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially unveiled a significant new feature for the popular messaging application, WhatsApp. This feature allows users to share their screens during video calls, a development that had been anticipated since its beta testing phase, which began in May. The feature is now being rolled out globally to the stable version of WhatsApp.

Using this screen-sharing feature is straightforward. During a video call, users can press the designated share button to display the contents of their screens, including documents, presentations, photos, and potentially other content. However, it remains uncertain whether the feature will support screen sharing for video games.

To utilize this feature, users can access it through the share button within a video call. This offers the choice between sharing a specific window or the entire screen, a functionality akin to other popular communication apps like Google Meet, Discord, and Zoom.

Typically, the introduction of new features follows a gradual, phased approach, implying that not all users may immediately have access to it. The screen-sharing feature is slated to become available on Android, iOS, and the Windows desktop client for all users in the near future.

Moreover, WhatsApp has introduced support for landscape mode during video calls alongside the screen-sharing capability.

Additionally, WhatsApp has several other features in development, which have been identified within beta versions of the app. These forthcoming features include 3D animated stickers, enhanced security through email verification, and a variety of minor updates to the app’s user interface.

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