X reduces creator monetization eligibility requirements

Elon Musk is actively encouraging users to subscribe to X Premium, the subscription service previously known as Twitter Blue, which costs $8 per month. The company’s eagerness to boost sign-ups for the ad-share revenue program has resulted in a significant reduction in the qualification criteria.

Now, individuals only need a paid X Premium subscription, 5 million impressions within the past three months, and 500 followers to be eligible. Furthermore, the minimum payment threshold has been significantly decreased to just $10.

These adjustments represent substantial reductions. Previously, to be considered for monetization, X Premium subscribers needed to have accumulated a total of 15 million impressions over the preceding three months. This figure has now been reduced by two-thirds. Prior to that change, the eligibility requirements were even stricter, necessitating a minimum of 5 million impressions per month over the past three months. Additionally, the payout threshold was previously set at $50.

Following the official announcement from the X account, Musk himself promoted the modifications. In his customary manner of addressing the platform’s creator program, he emphasized that users must be subscribed to X Premium, and only impressions from fellow X Premium subscribers are counted towards monetization.

In this instance, however, Musk took an extra step. He promoted the program by suggesting that users eligible for monetization would essentially receive X Premium for “free,” provided their earnings surpass the $8 monthly subscription cost.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how many X Premium subscribers will consistently earn more than the subscription fee each month.

Musk initially launched the creator monetization program in February, though there was limited progress on the initiative for several months following the announcement. Then, in mid-July, payments started to be disbursed to a select group of users. The accounts that openly shared their earnings indicated a bias towards compensating Musk’s favored X users first. Additionally, the payment amounts were quite substantial, with some users showcasing payment receipts revealing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from the program.

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