Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Gets Several Improvements With New Update

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is a new fitness tracker made by Xiaomi, a company from China. It was introduced in China in April.

Even though it’s only available in China right now, many people there like it a lot. In June, more than 1.1 million of these trackers were sold.

Now, Xiaomi is making the tracker even better with a new update.

A website called ITHome talked about it. Xiaomi is giving the tracker a new version called 1.3.176.

The Upgrades:

  • They’re adding something called ‘Smart Do Not Disturb’ which helps you control notifications better.
  • You can change how the tracker looks with two new styles, ‘Sui Sui Pin An’ and ‘Fist Challenge.’
  • They’re also adding a widget called vitality value that probably shows how much energy you have.
  • In some places in China (Lanzhou and Tibet), you can use the tracker for buses. There’s also a way to give feedback when using NFC.
  • They’re adding a new way to track motion with Frisbee. It can vibrate when you play games.
  • You can now see when you charged your tracker in the app.
  • The update makes it work better with iPhones and fixes problems.

To get this update, make sure your app is up to date. It works for trackers bought in China and from other countries too.

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